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  1. hi jos its yazz here im in devon right now love your blog and have looked at every post i really miss you and i will see you soon i hope i cant belive its bean 3 years since i saw you
    love y
    from your best friend (from reciption i cant belive how long that was)

  2. hi yazz
    r u living in devon now wow or r u just meeting with your grandad any way i hope i see you soon and was it really recipetion when i met you wow
    bye from jos

  3. hi im just seeing my grandad in devon im still living in london he has got ill nothing bad just a cold
    bye from yazz

  4. ohhh i cant wait to see you againhave u heared from piper yet in newzealand i havnt wel i have got about 10000000000000000000 emails but all thay sy is stuff like
    hi,im in newzealand esc esc bye
    love jos
    p.s yay u like my blog

  5. yer i got lots of emils too well piper said she was going to brighton to see her dad and step mum and i hope she can have a quick vist to london or norwich
    if she comes to london you can come stay with me and if she goes to nowrich i could stay with you
    love yazz
    p.s thats such a long comment

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