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i havent done a post for ages!!!!!!!!!!


soz i havent done a post for ages


very cool comp (compition)


white hearts are setting a compatition  for who can write the best song

the winner would get

1.there song played by white hearts (and you would get the recording of it) will be one of the first to get the new white hearts album (upside down) when it is all finished

3.a thank you certificate

4.a big box of chocolates from the white hearts team!

that’s all the prizes so if you want to enter what you do is either

write the song down and give it to us in school

email it to

or maybe write it in a comment on

if you want to write music with your song then thats evan BETTER!!!

happy song writting!!!

the best of cher loyed


cher lloyed is a gr8 singer here are some of her best acts on xafacter

this one is one of my fav’s i nearly cryed 🙂

this is my second fav i love it

i love this 1 will i am sings with her!!

last but so NOT least its her first performrnce that just bloow every 1 away!!!!!


a very cute dog is called………………….


bella shes millies sisters dog here are some pics